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G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe

Shop GI Joe Collectibles from We-R-Toys

Vintage GI Joe Action Figures for Sale at We-R-Toys

G.I. Joe vintage action figures have been a staple of the toy industry for almost 60 years. In fact, released in 1964, these original Hasbro toys were the world’s first action figures!

Instead of referring to them as “GI Joe dolls,” they were marketed as “action soldiers.” Furthermore, Hasbro saw the success of Mattel’s Barbie, and adapted their model by producing interchangeable clothing and accessories befitting these new action soldiers.

For over 5 decades, the historic toy line has played a significant part in many people’s lives. In the 1980s, popularity soared when the line was re-branded, adding “A Real American Hero,” and introducing new collectibles and a classic animated series.

The animated series paved the way for assorted spin-off properties, including several, live-action movies. Thanks to an expansive universe, a massive catalog of accessories, and nostalgia for the 1985 animated series, Hasbro’s action figures continue to be popular with collectors and hobbyists today.

If you’re lucky, you can find them in antique stores. Alternatively, you can find them in online marketplaces like We-R-Toys. If you are looking for the latest addition to your collection, you’ll appreciate the diverse selection of vintage GI Joe figures for sale at We-R-Toys.

Vintage GI Joe Toys 1960

Serious collectors will love this Masterpiece Edition 1964 Original GI Joe Action Soldier reproduction featuring black hair and a deluxe, collectible book. For 1960s accessories, this 1964 GI Joe Scramble Pilot Jumpsuit pack includes a jungle-print, camouflage jacket, a Vietnam-era cover, and two rifles.

Vintage GI Joe Action Figures 1980s

From the “A Real American Hero” line, we have this 1986 GI Joe Vehicle Gear accessory pack. You can also choose this 1987 GI Joe Action Pack Radar Station. It was produced to be motorized, but this lot is NRFP (Never Removed From Packaging)!

GI Joe Action Figures 12 Inch

The original Joes were 12-inch action soldiers that featured a highly articulated, fully poseable body, customizable clothing, and the appropriate accessories. For example, this 12” GI Joe Adventure Team Undercover Agent from the Timeless Collection includes “life-like hair” and several pieces of gear.

This Limited Edition 1997 Hasbro GI Joe 12” Mercury Astronaut action figure brings everything an astronaut needs, such as a space suit, a ventilator, and a helmet with comm-link and visor. If you’re looking for accessories, this massive collection of 12-inch GI Joe Action Figure accessories contains swords, headsets, clothing, rifles, footlockers, and much, much more.

Find Vintage GI Joe Toys For Sale at We-R-Toys

These action figures are a popular collectible to this day. Hasbro created one of the most popular toy lines in history, which has amassed an expansive fanbase from the many pop-culture franchises it inspired.

If you’re on the market for rare, valuable, vintage GI Joe toys, then you’re on target with We-R-Toys. We’re transparent, reliable, and passionate. To discuss the perfect addition to your vintage action figure collection, reach out to our team today.

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