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Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies

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Ty Beanie Baby Collection

One of the most popular toy crazes in recent history is the Beanie Baby. These fuzzy toys were first released by Ty Inc. in 1993 and quickly became a worldwide sensation. The sensation got so big that people began amassing collections of these adorable toys, with some collectors having more than one thousand pieces of this coveted collection!

In addition to their cute, cuddly design, they appealed to consumers and collectors alike because they’re significantly more poseable than traditional stuffed animals. This is due to the plastic “beans” that are used as filling, rather than the conventional fluff.

The final contribution to their mass appeal was their rarity. Ty Inc. would systematically release new designs while retiring certain older ones. This made collectors the sole source for older variations, while inflaming demand for the newer ones.

Today, they are exceptionally valuable. Fortunately, We-R-Toys has a diverse collection of these prized plush toys for patient collectors and loyal Beanie Baby lovers.

Rare Ty Beanie Babies

There’s an abundance of rare Beanie Babies on the market today, but each one has its own personality. Some collectors look for the most valuable lot they can find, while others search for those that hold special meaning to them.

This Ty Classic Beanie Baby Shadow the Cat is cute, fuzzy, and just like a cat – it can be difficult to find when you want it. This mint condition Ty Beanie Babies PEACE Bear has a rare, tie-dye coat emblazoned with a multi-colored “peace” symbol.

1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby

Some rare Ty plushies were born from historically significant moments. This special edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby was a limited edition release to honor and remember the People’s Princess. Today, these mementos are some of the most valuable lots in any rare Beanie Babies collection.

Valuable Beanie Babies

This Original 11-inch Crystal the Cat Beanie Baby is an adorable addition to any display case. In fact, you can keep the litter together with this Spice the Cat Ty Beanie Baby.

Perhaps you’re more the traditional type. This Ty Beanie Buddies Libearty Bear Beanie Baby is designed like a traditional Teddy bear and features patriotic decorations, like a U.S. flag chest emblem and ribbons in red and blue. The Ty tag even features a big, silver star!

Find Rare Ty Beanie Babies at We-R-Toys

Because of the broad appeal of their rare and varied designs, Beanie Babies by Ty Inc. are some of the most valuable collectibles on the planet. No two collections will be the same, meaning both fans and collectors can build unique displays that highlight their personalities.

However, when you’re on the market for rare gifts, you have to be confident that you’re sourcing from a supplier who cares about your collectible as much as you do. At We-R-Toys, we’re passionate about building large, diverse collections of the world’s most popular toys, dolls, action figures, and more.

We enjoy helping fans, hobbyists, and avid collectors to find the right lot for their home. If you want to know more about the many rare Ty Beanie Babies for sale at We-R-Toys, then reach out to our team today.

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