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Shop for Classic LEGO sets from We-R-Toys

Classic Lego Sets for Vintage Toy Collectors

If you are interested in collecting vintage toys, then there are few better options than classic Lego sets from the 1970s and 1980s. These sets were some of the first to include figures, animals, trees, buildings, or bridges.

They are called “classic” because they were some of the most popular sets made by Lego throughout the years. The best part is that these old sets have become rare due to their age and people often sell them for a high price!

Classic Lego sets are highly sought after for their rarity and originality. Better still, with new Lego playsets being released every year — and increasing popularity of the brand due to film and television projects — there’s sure to be more classic Lego playsets as time goes on.

Collectible Lego Classic Sets at We-R-Toys

When it comes to collecting classic Lego sets, there are a few sets that are more popular than others. For example, the vintage Lego set known as “Town Plan” is highly sought-after by collectors. This set was released in 1978 and consists of a town square, a bank, a gas station, and other buildings and accessories.

Another popular set is the “Legoland” set, which was released in 1979. This set includes a theme park with a Ferris wheel, carousel and other attractions.

Other classic sets that are popular with collectors are the “Black Knights” set (released in 1982), the “Legoland Space” set (released in 1984), and the “Dacta” set (released in 1986). All of these sets are highly sought after by vintage Lego collectors.

Lego Classic Ideas

We-R-Toys is a great place to buy vintage Lego sets because there are many sets on offer. These sets are the best for collectors who want to display their minifigures in their original packaging or revisit memories of constructing these enchanting toy sets with their children.

Lego Monthly Mini-Builds

Every month, Lego releases a new mini build set. These sets are meant to be collected and displayed, rather than played with. They come in a small box and consist of just a few pieces.

This set is the Lot of 5 Sets and it includes a scarecrow, a snail, a race car and fuel pump, and more! It’s a great set for collectors who want to build a rural life scene.

Lego BrickHeadz Captain America Building Kit

Captain America is the one of the few members of the Avengers left on Earth after Thanos’ snap. He’s also probably one of the most powerful. However, he can’t save everyone. He needs help!

To fight against the forces of evil, you need a good guy who has some knowledge about fighting, so why not assemble this BrickHeadz Captain America? With his trusty vibranium shield, he’s ready to face whatever comes next!

Build a Better Display with Classic Lego Sets from We-R-Toys

At We-R-Toys, we pride ourselves on being innovative retailers that specialize in importing and distributing toys from the world’s best manufacturers. With over 40 years of retail experience, we offer customers the best in online shopping opportunities.

Best of all, we understand that building a collectible display that’s memorable and valuable can take time, patience, and a reliable supplier. For more ideas on how to build the perfect collection display with a classic Lego set, reach out to our team today.

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