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Dragon Action Figures

Dragon Action Figures

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Dragon Action Figure Collectibles

Collecting military action figures is a hobby that can be very rewarding and educational. The collectibles produced by Dragon Models Ltd. are some of the most detailed and historically accurate figures on the market.

The vintage toy market has grown in recent years as more collectors are looking to add these iconic toys to their collections. Whether they’re intended to serve as an heirloom piece, something fun and nostalgic, or as an investment, these collectible action figures are the perfect gift for any collector.

Dragon World War II Action Figures

Dragon Models has produced an abundance of realistic World War II collectibles. From the British forces to the Soviet army, Dragon has produced authentic replicas of a variety of units, occupational specialties, and conflicts.

British World War II Action Figures

This Charles Blackie Black BEF Royal West Kent Regiment model comes with over 20 pieces of equipment, including an authentic uniform with fully detailed decorations.

U.S. WWII Military Action Figures

Dragon Models produced this Major General George Patton 1st Armored Corps Commander collectible as part of their WWII Commanders Series in collaboration with The History Channel. It features an authentic and detailed uniform in addition to the flexible, 12-inch body with triple-jointed arms and legs.

Soviet Army World War II Action Figures

This 1944 Soviet Infantry Scout with Dog No. 70460 action figure features the life-like visage of Vadim Antonovich Popov, as well as his canine companion, Laika.

WWII German Military Action Figures

Every conflict features an antagonist, so Dragon produced collectibles like this 1939 Luftwaffe Ceremonial Officer Dietrich Feder so that your WWII collection won’t feel incomplete.

Dragon Models Military Action Figures

World War II isn’t the only war for which Dragon has produced collectible action figures. They’ve created collector’s items for everything from the United States Civil War to the operation in Afghanistan.

U.S. Civil War Action Figures

This General Robert E. Lee collectible features the military leader in an authentic Confederate uniform and includes his hat, sabre, scabbard, side arm, and holster.

Vietnam War Action Figures

With this NAM Ho Chi Minh Trail Viet Cong Scout Linh No. 70027, Dragon included several pieces of gear in addition to the accurately reproduced and life-like doll.

Operation Enduring Freedom Action Figures

Representing a more recent conflict, this Operation Enduring Freedom USS Enterprise FA-18 Fighter Pilot collectible features an authentic replica of the pilot as well as numerous pieces of his required gear.

Find Military Action Figures from Dragon Models at We-R-Toys

Dragon Models has been producing authentic military action figures for over three decades. Their attention to detail has resulted in some of the most historically accurate collector’s items available to hobbyists and investors.

However, when you’re on the market for the next item to put on display, you have to be confident that your supplier handles these collectibles with the care they require and deserve. After all, there’s nothing worse than receiving your product and discovering damage to the packaging.

At We-R-Toys, we have experience in curating the most well-preserved items, as well as safely getting them into your hands. If you want to know more about the collectible military action figures from Dragon Models Ltd., then reach out to our team today.

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