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Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie

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Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls for Vintage Doll Collectors

Barbie dolls have been a popular toy for girls since they were first released in 1959. Over the years, Barbie has had many different looks, including those designed by Bob Mackie.

Mackie’s Barbie dolls are highly sought after by collectors, as they represent some of the most unique designs ever created for the iconic toy. His Barbie dolls are usually highly decorated and often elaborately dressed in glamorous gowns.

Collectible Bob Mackie Barbies

Bob Mackie is a name that any vintage toy collector should be familiar with. Mackie was one of the most renowned and legendary costume designers in Hollywood, having worked on projects such as “The Carol Burnett Show” and “Barbra Streisand: The Concert.”

In the early 1980s, he teamed up with Mattel to create a line of Barbie dolls that would become some of the most exclusive collectible Barbies in the world. If you’re into Barbie dolls or vintage toys, then Bob Mackie Barbies are definitely worth checking out because his one-of-a-kind pieces often fetch high prices at auction.

Collector’s Edition Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls

One of the most popular series of Bob Mackie Barbie dolls is the Collector’s Edition series. Each doll was dressed in an elegant gown and often came with unique accessories.

This 45th Anniversary Barbie Doll By Bob Mackie, for example, is a stunning doll dressed in a classy, silver-and-white brocade gown. She never travels without her matching silver-and-white brocade gloves and dangling rhinestone earrings.

Meanwhile, this 70s Cher Bob Mackie Barbie is based on the legendary “Queen of Pop” herself. Dressed in an eye-catching outfit inspired by Cher’s ensemble from the cover of her 1973 album Half-Breed. This Barbie doll is sure to be a hit with 70s fashion fans and Cher worshippers alike.

Barbie Collector 2005 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie Mattel G8058 (4) NRFB

Limited Edition Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls

Another high-demand series of Mackie collectible Barbie dolls are the limited edition pieces that Mattel produced. These Barbies typically had more extravagant designs, with many wearing large amounts of gold.

This Gold Barbie Doll from Bob Mackie, for example, is dressed in an incredibly flashy gown designed to look like gold sequins. If you’re looking for a show-stopping piece, this Barbie is the perfect addition to any collection of luxury dolls.

Additionally, serious collectors will love our The Charleston Porcelain Bob Mackie Barbie. This limited edition Barbie is wearing a stunning gown inspired by The Charleston, one of the most popular dances in history. She also wears a long, chartreuse green, beaded necklace and bracelets of multicolored beads.

Bob Mackie Barbies of the 1990s

In the 1990s, Mackie teamed up with Mattel again to create a new line of Barbie dolls. During this time, the Bob Mackie Timeless Treasures Barbie line was particularly popular.

One of the most valuable Barbies from this series is the 1990 Limited Edition Gold Bob Mackie Barbie Doll. This Barbie is dressed in a beautiful gold gown that was made from 5000 hand-sewn golden sequins.

Dress Up Your Display with Bob Mackie Barbies from We-R-Toys

At We-R-Toys, we boast a wide selection of these rare and beloved Barbies available for sale. Even better, we’re fully stocked on trade expertise and a passion for collaboration.

We know it can be difficult to lock down the collectible dolls you need for your collection. For assistance finding the right Bob Mackie Barbie for your display, reach out to our team today.

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