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DC Direct

DC Direct

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DC Direct Collectible Action Figures

Collectible action figures are one of the best ways for collectors to enjoy their favorite comic book characters and maintain a connection with their childhood. As one of the most popular comic book brands, DC has produced some of the most legendary comic book characters of all time.

DC Direct, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, produces collectibles of some of these most popular characters from the DC Comics universe. In fact, they’ve been producing action figures, busts, statues, and prop replicas, under various names, since 1998.

Fortunately, at We-R-Toys, we have a proud selection of DC Direct collectibles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a Robin for your Batman, or a Wonder Woman to stand tall next to Superman, we have the DC collectibles that you’re looking for.

Collectible Action Figures from DC Direct

These official lines of action figures are the best way to celebrate your favorite DC comic book heroes. Whether you’re a collector or just an enthusiast, these collectible figures will help you tell your own version of famous storylines, such as The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Hush, and Ross’ and Kreuger’s Justice.

The Dark Knight Returns Collector’s Items

The Dark Knight Returns was a four-issue miniseries by Frank Miller that is largely considered one of the most influential Batman comic series ever published. The WarnerMedia subsidiary released a collection of action figures, like this Batman from DC Direct Batman The Dark Knight Returns, in August of 2004 to commemorate the groundbreaking comic book story.

Of course, a shelf with Batman would feel lonely without an antagonist to rally against, or an ally to fight alongside. Fortunately, you can choose for yourself: will Batman battle this DC Direct Batman The Dark Knight Returns Series Joker, or will he guard the night with his friend Superman from DC Direct The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman: Hush Series 1 Action Figures

In May of the same year, the WarnerMedia division released Series 1 in their collection based on Batman: Hush, starting with this Batman from DC Direct Batman Hush and a few others. In fact, one of the most valuable action figures in their lineup is this DC Direct Batman Hush Series 1 Huntress, which was released at the same time.

Justice Series 1 Collectibles

This Superman from DC Direct Justice Series 1 was distributed ahead of the 2005 release of Justice by Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger. Also released as part of this collection was Superman’s jogging partner, Justice Series 1 The Flash.

Expand Your DC Direct Collection with We-R-Toys

These great action figure collections boast many shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. In fact, many of these action figures come with cool accessories, like weapons, clothing, or even display platforms.

Better still, at We-R-Toys, we have a passion for collecting, we’re knowledgeable about the hobby, and we’re friendly and collaborative. If you want to find the perfect DC Direct collectible action figure for your collection, then reach out to our team today.

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