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About Us

Keith Roberson started selling his dad’s collectibles online years ago, as a way to supplement his ministry with SPEAR IM. Keith’s 44 years of experience in the retail industry helped jump-start his new venture. What began as a side job quickly grew into his full-time career. Together with his wife, Deb, and with the support of his two children and three grandchildren, Keith now devotes his time to helping people find a good home for their toy collections.

Even if he can’t buy your collection, Keith will help you find a solution.

Call or email Keith today!

Our Team


Operations Manager

Billy is the ultimate source of knowledge when it comes to vintage action figures and anything Star Wars. This is part of what makes him an awesome operations manager at We-R-Toys. He is also a lifelong musician.  


Quality Control Expert

Patti loves the fun atmosphere at We-R-Toys and enjoys seeing all of the unique products that come through the door every day. Her attention to detail makes her a fantastic quality control expert. While not working, she enjoys walking and playing card games with her family.


Listing Associate

Danielle has been with We-R-Toys since the beginning (she is the owner's daughter) and has been an integral part of the company's success. She is a teriffic photographer who makes our products look amazing on the screen. She loves God, being a mom, and she is a cancer survivor.


Senior Product & Design Manager

McKenzie loves listing for We-R-Toys because she is always surrounded by toys from her favorite movies and television shows. In her spare time, she enjoys doing anything creative, especially making costumes. She is an Auburn Graduate with a degree in Apparel Merchandising, and she loves Jesus. 

John & Julie

Our Missionaries in Africa

John and Julie's first connection with We-R-Toys was in Keith's garage. Keith needed some help, and John and Julie, in the states away from missionary work for a period, needed something to do. Participating in the morphing of this small business was a year of work and fun! And the end of 2021 proved to be ANOTHER opportunity of fun and growth! After all, WE-R-TOYS!!.