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Monster High

Monster High

Shop Monster High Dolls Collection from We-R-Toys

Monster High Dolls Collection

Mattel has produced several of the most popular toy lines in history, and their 2010 creation, Monster High, is no exception. Since its introduction, the series has expanded to include clothing, accessories, books, games, and more.

Inspired by classic monsters, these adorable dolls are a huge hit among children and adults alike. They boast creative names and unique stories, styles, and personalities, which make them endearing – and the collections that include them feel personal.

Having captured the hearts of many individuals around the world, it’s understandable that they can be difficult to find, or prohibitively costly to procure. Whether you’re an avid collector or just looking for a toy line with personality, we have what you’re looking for at We-R-Toys.

Collectible Monster High Dolls

Are you looking to diversify your doll collection? Or, perhaps you’re on the market for a special gift for the collector or Monster High fan in your life? Either way, we boast a diverse catalog of valuable Monster High dolls, right here at We-R-Toys.

Monster High Original Ghouls Collector’s Items

Mattel officially recognizes six characters as the main characters, or “Original Ghouls,” of the franchise. For instance, the list includes Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelps (who can be found in this Monster High Slo Mo & Ghoulia Yelps doll set).

Monster High Ghouls and Mansters Collectible Dolls

While there are only six “main” characters, this iconic toy line features many more that are just as popular, such as Operetta and Holt Hyde. Excluding the Original Ghouls, these characters are split into two groups, the Ghouls and the Mansters.

Collectible Monster High Ghouls Dolls

The big sister of Cleo de Nile and daughter of the Mummy himself, this Monster High Nefera de Nile doll is a rare and vibrant example of the Ghouls. This Gloom and Bloom Jane Boolittle doll may be just as rare but, fittingly, is adorned in more dusky hues.

Collectible Mansters Dolls from Monster High

Similarly, this New Scaremester Invisi Billy doll also features cool, muted colors and a few bright accents. In fact, if you like to maintain a color scheme to your display, this Haunted Student Spirits Porter Geiss doll would also complement his blue-and-violet toned colleagues.

Diversify Your Rare Doll Collection with We-R-Toys

Monster High dolls, and the various media properties that spawned from their success, remain popular amongst children and toy collectors to this day. Because of the many characters and their diverse variations, children have adorable toys with clever names to display their personalities, while collectors have an abundance of options for personalizing their displays.

Whether you want to start a new collection, expand an existing one, or give a unique collectible to someone you love, you’ll need a supplier you know you can trust. Fortunately, at We-R-Toys, we are knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced.

Best of all, we love making new friends, or helping old friends to start new collections. If you want to find the best Monster High collectible doll for your shelf, contact our team today.

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