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Bratz Dolls Collection from We-R-Toys

Bratz Doll Collection

Bratz dolls are one of the most popular toy lines ever created due to their diversity in both style and representation. MGA Entertainment started producing these Barbie competitors in 2001, quickly becoming successful with the release of a line called “the Brat.”

Just like that, the brand was born.

A wild success, there have been several spin-off properties in their two decades on the market. From new lines like Bratz Kidz, to other forms of media, such as a film adaptation and a TV series, the brand has amassed a huge following.

Because of their popularity, variation, and rarity, these dolls are exceedingly popular among avid toy collectors. As younger audiences keep the brand relevant, their value continues to grow. Fortunately, at We-R-Toys, we have a wide selection for finding the perfect addition to your collection.

Collectible Bratz Cloe Dolls

Cloe was one of four in the original line. Since her debut, she has seen many variations in her style and design.

This Bratz Stylin’ in the City Cloe in New York, for example, is ready to catch a Broadway show. The Toys’R’Us exclusive features a passport and stickers, but this lot is NRFB (Never Removed From Box)!

This Fabulous Bratz Cloe comes with two, glitzy outfits for catching every eye. It includes many great accessories for Cloe and a collectible keychain for you.

Collectible Bratz Twiins Dolls

We have multiple options from the Twiins line, including this Bratz Twiinz Tess and Nona. This 3rd Edition Bratz Twiins Orianna and Valentina pack is in pristine condition and features the sisters and their exclusive keychains.

Our Bratz World Twiins Peyton and Nevaeh pack also features both sisters in pristine condition, exclusive keychains, and several accessories. Better still, everything is NRFB and sourced from clean, non-smoking environments!

Collector’s Edition Bratz Dolls

Another great Cloe doll, this Limited Collector’s Edition Bratz IndepenDance Cloe comes ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. A less festive alternative, this Exclusive Bratz New Years CeleBratzTion Yasmin was voted People’s Choice Toy of the Year in 2004.

Some of the most rare dolls include this Collector’s Edition Bratz World! Introducing Tiana in pristine condition. Finally, this Limited Edition Bratz Sweetheart Meygan boasts several Meyghan exclusive accessories for the Sweetheart collection.

Find Rare Collectible Bratz Dolls at We-R-Toys

Since their release, MGA Entertainment’s toy line has been making waves. The “Only Girls with a Passion for Fashion” introduced a new era for collectible dolls by representing styles, backgrounds, and interests that other toy brands were neglecting.

Today, their rarity and diversity make them a valuable resource for avid toy collectors. Fortunately, at We-R-Toys, we have an expansive collection of these valuable collectibles.

Better yet, we have a passion for collecting vintage toys, and an appreciation for the care that’s required to ensure they improve in value. If you want to discuss our collection, or need help finding the next, perfect match for your own, please reach out to our team today.

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