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2017 Hess Mini Collection

  • 2017 Hess Mini Collection
  • 2017 Hess Mini Collection
  • 2017 Hess Mini Collection
  • 2017 Hess Mini Collection
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The 2017 Mini Collection sparked a reimagined approach to the long standing miniature tradition. Released for the first time as a set of three miniature toy trucks, these items mark the 18th, 19th and 20th vehicles released to date in the Mini Fleet.: 2017 Hess Mini Monster Truck, a small-scale version of the 2007 holiday toy. It includes working lights, oversized tires, a raised chassis, and chrome detailing. 2017 Hess Mini Toy Truck and Helicopter mimics the 2006 holiday toy. The truck has working lights and doubles as a landing deck for its Chopper partner. 2017 Hess Mini Emergency Truck is a mini version of the 2005 Hess Emergency Truck. It features a three-tier extension ladder that rotates and two searchlights.

2017 Hess Mini Collection Includes - 2017 Hess Miniature Monster Truck 2017 Hess Miniature Toy Truck and Helicopter 2017 Hess Miniature Emergency Truck - Tested-New batteries installed. -  -  - 

Brand new. Tested-New batteries installed. From a clean, non-smoking environment. We ship fast and pack with care at We-R-Toys

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