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Hess Trucks

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Hess Truck Collection

Hess trucks were first introduced in 1964 to provide families with an affordable toy option for the holiday season. In almost 60 years on the market, these toy trucks have become a staple in any serious holiday toy collection.

Fortunately, at We-R-Toys, we boast a diverse catalog of these beloved collectibles. That way, you can ensure that there are no empty spots anywhere within your own display.

Collectible Hess Trucks by Year

Many adults in the U.S. can recall childhood memories of winter advertisements for the unfailing Hess truck collectible. Whether it was a single unit, or a combination of multiple vehicles, every year saw a new and unique truck to add to our collection.

1980s Hess Toys

Two reasons that these trucks are popular among collectors are that they’ve been released consistently for almost six decades, and they typically reflect the era of their release. This 1980 Hess Truck Training RV, for example, looks like it could have been driven by the Griswolds.

When these collector’s items don’t appear to reflect specific decades, that’s likely because they reflect traditional industry designs, such as this 1984 Hess Toy Truck Oil Tanker. Meanwhile, the 1988 Hess Toy Truck and Racer represents the decade in its design of the race car, which appears to jump straight from an era-appropriate toy commercial.

1990s Vintage Hess Trucks

Another popular tanker model is this 1990 Hess Collectable Toy Tanker Truck. Although, some collectors may prefer a two-in-one collectible, like this 1995 Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter.

Speaking of two-in-one trucks, this 1999 Hess Truck and Space Shuttle with Satellite is perfect for any collector who has their feet on the ground, but their heads in the sky.

2000s Hess Trucks for Sale

Since we’re on a roll here, why go back to considering only single collector’s items? This 2003 Hess Truck with 2 Race Cars boasts two sleek race cars in addition to the semi-truck that carries them.

Collectors who double as adrenaline junkies will appreciate this 2004 Hess Truck Sport Utility Vehicle and Motorcycles set. It features two bikes and two riders, as well as an SUV to provide safety coverage if needed.

2010s Hess Model Trucks

Expanding on their sets, the oil company eventually began releasing collections. This 2017 Hess Mini Collection, for example, features three trucks: a fire truck, a semi-truck with helicopter, and a monster truck.

Continuing that tradition, the 2019 Hess Truck Collection includes a box trailer, a truck and race car, and an emergency truck. Better still, like most of the collectibles at We-R-Toys, this collection is brand new and none of its vehicles have ever been removed from their box.

Fuel Your Collection with Hess Toy Trucks from We-R-Toys

Hess trucks are an excellent way to fuel your toy collection. Because they’re released every year, collectors can be confident that interest and relevance will remain consistent. Furthermore, because they’ve been released every year since 1964, collectors know they’re investing in an established property.

Finally, because We-R-Toys has a diverse collection of these trucks, collectors can be confident they have a trustworthy collaborator in the game. For more help finding the best collectible trucks for your display, reach out to our team today.

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